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Inter. Business Centre

Project Specifications

Location: Khaldeh Area – 7 Kms away from Beirut the capital and 4 Kms away from the airport. The Centre will be built close to the main Khaldeh-Beirut Highway.
Project Type: Commercial
Building Classification: Commercial Building (Office Space and Stores)
Description: The IBC Project (International Business Centre) is located in the commercial hub of Khaldeh area. The project will be completed in May 2016.
Number of Floors: 3 basement levels + Ground Floor + Mezaneine Floor.
Number of Commercial Stores on the Ground Level: 9 Stores
Commercial Stores Area: 40 Sqm – 120 Sqm
Number of Offices on the Mezaneine Floor: 22 offices
Offices Area: 40 Sqm – 180 Sqm
Basement Area: 1,000 Sqm (for each of the 3 Basement levels)
Annual Rent Price / Sqm will be announced 3-4 months before the building phase is completed.